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The main application areas of graphite powder


Guangfeng company is a well-known professional carbon product supply enterprises, mainly engaged in metallurgical charge the production, processing and trade. We also specialize in research and development of low-carbon industry related projects, purchase of equipment and technical guidance. Our main products include: graphite electrodes, graphite powder,calcined petroleum coke, carbon lining materials, such as steel furnace charge.
Graphite powder main application areas:
1. High temperature resistant lubricant base material, corrosion lubricant base material
2. precision casting sand.
3. For like glue plastic filler material to improve Dun wear compression performance or made from conductive material.
4. Metal alloy materials and powder metallurgy of carbon.
5. For the production of carbon film resistors, lubrication and dry as well as the preparation of conductive conductive film.
6. For high-pressure steam, heat pipe connecting cry washer coatings.
7. For the production of graphite anode and a catalyst carrier.

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