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Graphitization of petroleum coke

  • Fixed carbon (min)(%):99.50%
  • S(max)(%):0.01%
  • Ash (max):0.20%
  • V.M.(max):0.30%

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  • Introduction
  • Technical Data

Petroleum coke is residue in the refining process, graphitization process is petroleum coke power after 3000-degree heat, carbon molecules form irregular arrangement into a hexagonal arrangement of uniform, and it is the most popular carburant nowadays with low sulfur, low nitrogen, low melting point quick absorption and no slag.

Index of graphitization of petroleum coke
  Fixed carbon (min)(%) S(max) (%) Ash(max) V.M.(max) N(max) H(max) Size(90%)
GF-001 99.00% 0.03% 0.50% 0.50% 150ppm 120ppm 0-50mm
GF-002 98.50% 0.05% 0.50% 0.50% 300ppm 150ppm 0-50mm
Packing: 25/25kg (pp Bag.m.t bags)
Size: 0-50mm
Capacity: 5000(MT/MONTH)
HS Code: 3801100090
Trademark: AN AN