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Carbon block for blast furnace

  • Item:carbon block
  • Ash%≤:10
  • Compressive strength Mpa≥:30
  • Porosity % ≤:22

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  • Introduction
  • Technical Data

Electrode paste was supplied to ferroalloys furnace, carbide furnace equipment as conductive materials. It could reduce power loss and slow oxidation state by specs as heat-resisting and mall thermal expansion, own porosity. And it also has high mechanical strength, that it could not be broke by the influence of the  mechanical and current load.

Item specification
carbon block carbon key
Ash%≤ 10 2
Compressive strength Mpa≥ 30 30
Porosity % ≤ 22 28
Bulk density g/cm t≥ 1.56 -
Alkali resistance Grande≥ C -
Flexural strength Mpa ≥ - 8

(1)thermal conductivity , porosity as reference index.
(2)Charcoal to produce a blast furnace , to provide users with thermal conductivity(800℃,400℃,200℃) and air permeability index data.

Allowed deviation of carbon block for block furnace:
Name Position Masonry method all tolerance
Width (mm) Hight (mm) length(mm)
Working side No working siade
Carbon block Full with furnace bottom horizontal Wide cnannel +1-4 ±1 ±5 ±10
Vertical narrow channel ±1 ±1 ±5 ±10
narrow channel ±1 ±1 ±1 -
Furnace bottom/hearth, etc Ring layer ±1-2 ±1 - ±5
Carbon key Diameter±1mm. length ±5mm
Keyway Diameter+/-2mm Adjacent bolcks keyway concentricity deviation of not more than 2mm

Note:The verticality deviation of perpendicular carbon blocks contact surface is not more than 0.6mm