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The advantages of graphite electrodes


Mold geometry of the increasing complexity and diversification of product applications result in the discharge of the spark machine accuracy have become increasingly demanding. Graphite electrodes advantage of easier processing, high removal rate of EDM graphite loss, therefore, part of group-based spark machine customers to give up the copper electrode to switch to graphite electrodes. In addition, some of the special shape of the electrode can not be made of copper, but graphite is more easy to shape, and heavy copper electrode is not suitable for processing large electrode, these factors have caused part of the group based spark machine client application graphite electrode.
2.Graphite electrode is easier processing, and processing speed is significantly faster than the copper electrode.Such as milling machining graphite, the processing speed of 2 to 3 times faster than other metal processing and does not require additional manual processing, the copper electrode requires manpower fell grinding. Similarly, if the graphite electrode manufacturing, high-speed graphite machining center electrode, will be faster, efficient, and also does not produce dust. In these process, the hardness of the right tools and graphite can be reduced tool wear loss and damage of the copper male. If the comparison to the graphite electrode and copper electrode graphite electrode milling time, graphite is 67% faster than the copper electrode in the normal circumstances of electrical discharge machining graphite electrode machining than 58% of the copper electrode. As a result, processing time is significantly reduced, but will also reduce manufacturing costs.

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