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A new type of electrode paste


Electrode paste is supplied ferroalloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace, electric equipment used in conductive material. It can temperature, and thermal expansion coefficient. Electrode paste has a relatively small resistivity, can reduce the power loss. Electrode paste has a smaller porosity, can make the state of oxidation of the electrode heated slowly. It has high mechanical strength, electrical extremely difficult to break.
The new electrode paste is a kind of fine coal, desulfurization agent, accelerant and other material composition, after sperm washing, desulfurization, vacuum mixing mechanism is made, according to user demand for processing into a rectangle, square, oval and other shapes and massive weight products. The product has the following characteristics (compared with natural lump):
1. Uniform size, shape regular;
2. Porosity play, high reactivity;
3. Thermal efficiency increased by 20% compared to coal;
4. Harmful substances emissions by 40% ;
5. Crushing rate decreased by 30%;
6. Reduced screening processes.
New electrode paste will be a new type of environmentally friendly alternative to coal products, especially smelting enterprises, can be added to 20% ~30% of the electrode paste, reduce the amount of coke, greatly reducing the cost of smelting. The product is used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy, machinery, food, electronics and other industries to use various types of kilns, with physical and chemical properties of the artificial clean "lump."

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