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Calcined Petroleum Coke’s material and applications


Petroleum coke is the residue of the refining process, graphitized petroleum coke into the graphite after heat treatment process, the process is petroleum coke power 3000 degrees Celsius, the petroleum coke, carbon molecules arranged in a hexagonal arrangement of uniform irregular, petroleum coke can in this way by iron - decomposition of water.
Petroleum coke is delayed coker feedstock cracking at high temperatures when the production of light oil byproducts. Petroleum coke feedstock production is about 25-30%. Its low calorific coal is about 1.5-2 times, not more than 0.5% ash content, volatile matter is about 11 percent, close to the quality anthracite. Coke is delayed coker feedstock cracking at high temperatures when the production of light oil byproducts.
Calcined petroleum coke is widely used in steel making, chemicals, building materials, casting materials, machinery, oil exploration and other industries.
(1) It can be applied to carbon industries: aluminum carbon, graphite electrodes,
Graphite anode, carbon electrodes, carbon anodes, carbon paste carbonaceous refractory products, high purity graphite, graphite products, graphite chemical equipment.
(2) The main raw material by carbon steelmaking, foaming .
(3) Preparation of the chemical industry, sodium hydride, high-purity CO basic chemical raw materials.
(4) Mechanical seals mechanical processing industry an important raw material.
Graphite electrodes used in steel or aluminum, magnesium anode paste used , in order to make the petroleum coke to adapt to the requirements must be calcined coke. Calcination temperature is generally about 1300 ℃, the purpose is to try to get rid of volatile petroleum coke. This reduces the petroleum coke and then the hydrogen content, the degree of graphitization of petroleum coke increased, thereby improving high-temperature strength of graphite electrodes and heat resistance, and improves the conductivity of the graphite electrode. Calcined petroleum coke is mainly used for the production of graphite electrodes, carbon paste products, carborundum, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industry and calcium carbide, which is the most widely used graphite electrodes. Calcined coke can be used directly without calcium carbide calcium carbide as main materials, production of silicon carbide and boron carbide for abrasive materials. It can also be used directly as metallurgical industry blast furnace blast furnace coke or carbon brick wall lining, but also for the casting process with a dense coke.

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