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Partial Graphite Carbon Blocks For Blast Furnace


Semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon blocks: electric calcined anthracite as the main raw material, then add the right amount of graphite scrap, therefore carbon block mainly composed of graphite materials, can greatly increase the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Such as Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company, the No. 1 blast furnace (volume of 4063m3) BC5 carbon block hearth and hearth sites use aggregate formula for electrically calcined anthracite 80% 20%graphite scrap extrusion method of production.
A whole row of semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon block lying puzzle hearth to end face contact group hearth flanked Li Li puzzle puzzle half graphitic blast furnace carbon block and the bottom edge of the end face of the legislation assemble semi-graphite blast furnace carbon block puzzle of lying semi-graphitic quality blast furnace carbon block flanked by a whole row for a group. Li puzzle hearth legislation assemble semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon block and lying assemble semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon block height difference should be stated in the design. Group of semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon block pre-assembled length deviation is ± 10.0mm, lying puzzle the hearth each group within a semi-graphitic blast furnace carbon blocks length does not deviate by more than ± 3.0mm range, allowing the group other semi-graphitic the blast furnaces carbon block adjustment.

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