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The introduction of blast furnace carbon block


Blast furnace carbon block definition: blast furnace carbon block for masonry hearth of the blast furnace hearth furnace body with a carbon block. Charcoal features: As the blast furnace of the carbon block of molten iron and slag corrosion resistance, high temperature and high- temperature strength, thus greatly extending the life of the blast furnace lining.
Blast furnace carbon block production process: raw material for the production of blast furnace carbon block anthracite and metallurgical coke (sometimes added pitch coke, metallurgical coke and graphite or graphite pieces). Production of blast furnace process and production side of the carbon block carbon block, low carbon block is the same, only different ingredients side (particle composition and coal asphalt content). The blast furnace carbon block machining is much more complex than the the side carbon block and bottom carbon block. Blast furnace carbon block are complete sets of custom-made, with different shapes carbon block in order drawings and installation of each horizontal layer carbon block diagram. Some require no more than 1mm, so the processing accuracy and finish must reach a higher level due to the gap in the blast furnace carbon block masonry. Each layer of the carbon block finished alone, required the manufacturer in accordance with the drawings pre-installed, check whether it meets requirements for installation, followed by label, repackaging shipments.

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