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The size of electrode and nipple


1.Basic dimensions:executive YB/T4088-2000,YB/T4089-2000,YB/T4090-2000 standard.

(1)thread diameter difference between the electrode and nipple:
Deviation (mm) Electrode Dia(mm) Measuring method: the maximum screwing depth of the nipple major diameter
Standard Nipple-T3N/T4N Long Nipple-T3L/T4L
<φ250 0.10~0.40  
φ250~φ400 0.25~0.55 0.35~0.65
φ450 0.40~0.70 0.50~0.80
φ500 0.60~0.90 0.70~1.00
φ550 0.75~1.00 0.85~1.10
φ600 0.90~1.20 1.00~1.30
(2),The axis deviation between electrode and nipple (axis of thread and ontology thread)
Measuring base: screwing in the nipple  completely, tweak measuring ring gauge on the nipple,  the maximum and minimum space difference between ring gauge and the electrode section should be less than 0.1mm. 
(3),The oblique angle between the nipple and socket:  the basic angle 9°27′44″, approximately equal to 9°28′.
specified value oblique angle Tolerance Optimum value
nipple 9°28′ +2/-0 9°28′
Nipple hole 9°28′ +0/-3 9°25′

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